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Art Deco Style

The Ultimate Guide to Art Deco

Art Deco Artist Spotlight:
Tamara de Lempicka, 'Autoportrait'

Art Deco Artist: Tamara de Lempicka, 'Autoportrait'
Welcome to Art Deco Style - The Ultimate Guide to Art Deco

Welcome to Art Deco Style

The Ultimate Guide to Art Deco

I created this site as an outlet for my obsession with Art Deco. I have a thing for sexy, glamorous art and Art Deco is the ultimate representation. I'm fascinated and inspired by this incredible movement and wanted to share everything there is to know about it...   Continue>>

Art Deco History

Art Deco History

1920s - 1930s - Today

The Emergence of the Jazz Age. Exploring Art Deco history in the 1920s, 1930s and beyond. Art Deco History can be traced back to the early 1920s, however the actual term, 'Art Deco', was first used in 1968 by Bevis Hillier in his book, Art Deco of the 20s and 30s...   Continue>>

Art Deco Architecture

Art Deco Architecture

Zigzags, Sunbursts, Birds, Oh my!

The masses loved it, but critics hated it. Discover the history and classic characteristics of Art Deco Architecture. Art Deco architecture was first and foremost considered to be decorative - ornamental and beautifying. Buildings, hotels, cinemas, railway stations...   Continue>>

Art Deco Interior Design

Art Deco Interior Design

The Epitome of Luxe and Glamour

Learn the key elements of Art Deco Interior Design and furniture. Tips for adding a bit of Art Deco style to your own home.The mood during the early 20th Century was optimistic and hopeful, and it translated seamlessly into the realm of Interior Design...  Continue>>

Art Deco Graphic Design

Art Deco Graphic Design

Revolutionizing Advertising

Art Deco Graphic Design revolutionized print media and set a new standard for mass advertising. The invention of the printing press in the 1920s made it easy to mass produce books, newspapers, magazines and other literature. Here are examples...   Continue>>

Art Deco Style Fashion

Art Deco Fashion

Flappers, Screen Sirens & Sporty Girls

The Flapper, The Silver Screen Goddess and The Sporty Girl epitomized the eclecticism of Art Deco fashion and radically changed the fashion world as we know it. The Art Deco movement emerged in the early 1920s and lasted until the outbreak...   Continue>>

Art Deco Style Jewelry

Art Deco Jewelry

Styles, Trends and The Desingers

Art Deco style jewelry can be identified by streamlined, geometric shapes juxtaposed with luxury metals like gold and platinum, and stones such as diamonds and emeralds. Styles of dress had evolved to suit a freer, more active lifestyle, and lines within jewelry...   Continue>>

Art Deco Collectibles

Art Deco Collectibles

Antiques & Vintage Objets de'Art

Thanks to the recent Art Deco resurgence, Art Deco collectibles are more popular and valuable than ever. Everything from clocks to radios to rugs is catching top dollar. Many items can be found at antique stores or auctions. Discover the most popular and valuable...   Continue>>

Art Deco Style Artists

Art Deco Artists

Erte, Lempicka, Lalique & Many More

The lives of some of the most famous Art Deco Artists were often just as glamorous as the works themselves. Discover incredible artwork and get a glimspse into the fascinating lives of Tamara De Lempicka, Erte, Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann and others...      Continue>>

Art Deco Weddings

Art Deco Weddings

Art Deco Wedding Theme Ideas

Art Deco weddings have become very popular in recent years. An Art Deco wedding theme is both elegant and timeless. Here are some tips and ideas for a chic, glamorous theme that will add a touch of vintage Art Deco style to your own wedding day...   Continue>>

Art Deco Style Car

Art Deco Wild Card

Variety of Unrelated Art Deco Posts

This section is currently under construction. My intention is to write a series of aticles on the Art Deco lifestyle, featuring travel destinations, Art Deco planes, trains, automobiles, movies and other cool topics related to my favourite era. Stay tuned!  

Art Deco Shop - Books, Prints

Art Deco Shop

Books, Art Prints and Lots More!

Shop for a variety of Art Deco collectibles and memorabilia. Everything from books to posters & prints to Art Deco style jewelery will be found here. The shop is expanding...I hope to have this area grow over time. Keep checking back to see what's new!  Continue>>